Down With Hostility and Quarrels!

Victor Atallah

READ : Micah 4:2-5

Long ago as the inhabitants of Jerusalem struggled for their own survival and feared the armies and influences of the nations around them, the Lord’s message brought their attention to the fact that his purpose was actually for a changed world order. God had planned to bring about a unity between the different nations.

If people from different tongues, tribes and nations hear God’s Word and embrace his ways they will no longer have reason to fight! This is what happened as “the last days” began with the establishing of the New Testament church in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost. There representative people from all known nations of the world joined together as one people.

The new “City of God” is a colony or settlement of true peace among the nations. People from all ethnic and national backgrounds are brought together through the power of the gospel and they should settle their disputes, share together and reduce their armaments-or destroy them altogether.

– Rev. Victor Atallah


Lord, you do wondrous things among the nations through the gospel! Thank you for giving me brothers and sister of all races, color and ethnic backgrounds. As wars and rumors of war continue in the Middle East and elsewhere, help me to recognize what you are doing as you build your own universal Kingdom even today. In the name of the Prince of Peace. Amen.