Trust Is My Theme

Larry McAuley

READ : Psalm 33:16-22

Look at that car in front of us! The wheels appear to have a life of their own as they wobble on their bent rims. Loose, rusty body sheet metal flaps and waves as if directing traffic! Smoke belches from the tail pipe. Can this vehicle really be trustworthy?

How about your vehicle as you prepare for vacation? Do you trust it for the long trip? Will it get you and your loved ones there and back safely?

This month we’ll be considering the subject of trust. What do we trust? Why? What does it mean to trust? Why is it important? Who is trustworthy?

Ask yourself as you read Psalm 33 verses 16 and 17, “What do I trust? Am I trusting someone or something that is impotent and cannot deliver safety?”

Look at the last five verses of this Psalm. What characteristics of God convince you that he is trustworthy? Does he know your situation? Is he harsh? What hope do we have when we trust God?

When we decide to trust all God is and does, he fills us with hope and rejoicing! His strength doesn’t fail! Trusting in a wobbly-wheeled vehicle is dangerous, no matter how fervent our trust and hope. Trusting God is truly safe. What are you trusting, my friend?


Help me, Lord, as I learn to trust you more and more.