Double Cheeseburger!

Larry McAuley

READ : Psalm 111:1-10

One of my favorite meals when I’m on the road is a double cheeseburger! Rich, juicy and filling! Today’s song from God’s Word to us is arranged a bit like a double cheeseburger. It starts and ends with praise (the bun). Verses 2 to 4 are the relish, mayo and ketchup reminding us of his wonderful work. Then there is the lettuce and tomato, verses 5 and 9, assuring us that God’s covenant promises are forever. And, best of all, are the verses in the middle, the meat, picturing the out-working of God’s promises in providing food, land, law and redemption for his people.

Reflect on this song intently. Chew on the words and their implications for your life. Ingest God’s good word and see how delightful it is.

As you do so, ask yourself, which is more trustworthy-your laptop-or God? Your legal system-or God? Your own ideas-or God’s?

Many times we make decisions based on what we see because we trust what is visible and material. God has revealed his faithfulness in his Word and in the world. Look around you and see his hand. Look in the Bible and see his heart. He alone is worthy of your complete trust today.


Thank you, Father, for showing us so clearly all you faithfully do! In Jesus’ name. Amen.