Stupid Move!

Larry McAuley

READ : Psalm 25:1-5

Ahhh! Saturday morning! The sun’s shining. The birds are singing. The grass is green. I can hardly wait to get out there and start using my brand new mower. The manufacturer says it cuts better, runs cheaper and lasts longer than any other mower on the market.

Ten minutes later-ya’ know what? That mower didn’t perform as promised. Why? Because I threw away the instructions that said: “WAIT! Important instructions. Read first!”

Waiting seems so difficult! We rush, all excited and eager, for whatever reason. Our eagerness to plunge ahead without waiting is usually a sign of trusting the wrong thing-or not trusting at all.

Think back on some embarrassing act or shameful moment you experienced because you didn’t wait. Why didn’t you wait? Read Psalm 25 again. By waiting on God, the psalm writer asks God to do several things for him. He is asking to be shown, taught and led.

Are you being tempted to plunge ahead heedless of God’s direction and intervention? Pause now and ask for God’s guidance and instruction today.


Teach me to trust you enough to wait on you, O Lord.