A Glimpse of God

Larry McAuley

READ : Exodus 33:17-23

Christmas may be a long way off, but for most of us, memories of Christmas aren’t far away! Can you remember sneaking into the living room when you thought no one was around? You shook your Christmas presents to figure out what was inside. Did you ever peel back a corner of the paper to get a sneak peek?

What was the result? You spoiled the surprise. By seeing a corner of that gift, you knew the whole of it. Your keen anticipation collapsed.

In our reading Moses wanted to see the majesty of God. Sometimes we don’t trust God because we insist that God show us more of himself first. We think if we see more with our eyes our heart will believe more. But it doesn’t work that way. God knows what we need and supplies it. God graciously met Moses’ request to see more-but he showed him only enough.

God has shown us all we need in his Word, in his Son, in the gift of his Spirit living in us. We show our distrust when we insist on seeing more. As you worship God today, praise him for his glory realized in the preaching of his Word, the singing of hymns and the fellowship of believers.


I believe, O Lord! Forgive my unbelief. Help me to trust you more. In the saving name of Jesus, Amen.