The Need to Know

Larry McAuley

READ : Proverbs 8:12-17

How many times a day do you hear, “Here’s something you just have to know!” Knowledge is exploding more quickly than any of us can keep up.

It seems that the more there is to know, the more we “need to know.” We just aren’t satisfied until we know more than somebody else. We have to get the best grades or have the most degrees.

Sometimes it’s almost as if we worship our knowledge. We are so proud of what we know. We trust our knowledge to keep us safe, to keep us ahead of the pack, to get the best deals and the best jobs.

Knowledge isn’t bad, but there is a dark side to it. We want to know the inside story about people so we can talk about them. We want to know certain facts about others so that we can control them.

Look at our verses for today. Can wisdom be found? How? (v. 17). What are some of the good things that come from wise use of knowledge (wisdom)? (verses 12 and 14-16). And knowledge wrongly used?

We bring honor to our Creator when we seek to know the things he has shown us. We bring honor to him when we trust him for what he has shown us of himself in his world and his word.


Teach me, Holy Spirit, by your wise counsel, that all I need to know is how to trust Jesus Christ.