Beyond a Cramped Perspective

Larry McAuley

READ : Isaiah 55:8-9

Comparison shopping is a life-skill developed to a high degree in North America. We spend hours poring over ads, product descriptions, and Consumer Reports. We compare schools. We even compare friends!

It is scary when we approach eternal issues the same way. We compare bits of popular wisdom and psychology, friends’ advice and expert opinions. We pick and choose what we’ll trust depending on how effective or convincing it sounds. And we build a life out of all these little scraps.

In our passage for today what is being compared? God’s thoughts and ways with ours. How do yours measure up to his? How are they alike or different?

Look at just one aspect. When somebody wrongs you, do you forgive? What if the person keeps on offending you? God forgives us. If we will but turn from sin and turn to him, he forgives us beyond all human expectations.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to compare God with anything or anyone else. I should never try to bring him down to my level but rather aspire to be as he is.


Father God, forgive me for trusting my own limited logic and perspective.