Larry McAuley

READ : Daniel 6:18-23

Thwack! The ball left the bat with a flying arc deep into left field. The batter’s feet pounded to first base and then second. As he neared third base, he saw the ball scooped up. Should he go on? He wheeled around the base and headed for home. In a cloud of dust, he slid into home just as he heard the ball smack into the catcher’s mitt- and the umpire call, “Safe!”

Whew! Sometimes we have close calls in life. They are exciting in games, but when larger issues press us, they can be threatening. How do you think Daniel felt when he landed at the bottom of that den full of hungry lions?

Did you know that we are in a lion’s den too? Peter compares the devil to a roaring lion searching for unsuspecting victims (1 Peter 5:8). Facing a ravenously hungry lion has to be a frightening experience!

How did Daniel face the lions and still feel safe? In today’s passage, why were the lions’ mouths shut?
“. . . because he trusted in his God” (v. 23).

We can face our roaring lions the same way. No powers on heaven or earth, seen or unseen, can separate us from the loving care of God. Assert that in your prayers today.


Thank you, Jesus, for doing the impossible! I thank you that I am safe in you for now and always.