Free Inside Walls

Larry McAuley

READ : Acts 28:30-31
John 8:31-36

Doris finished a course in commercial art in May. By fall she was a quadriplegic from the ravages of polio. How frustrating to be on the doorstep of an adult career and then be shot down in this way, stuck in the prison of an uncooperative body. Doris could have languished in bitterness. But she didn’t. Trusting Jesus for hope and strength, she faced each day with a gentle spirit. Eventually a caring doctor designed a system that allowed her to resume her painting using a mouth-held brush.

One of her paintings is a prized possession of mine. It reminds me of the victory of living each day in the creative freedom and joy of trusting Jesus in spite of life’s frustrating prisons. How did Paul handle prison? He was hospitable, confident and fully engaged in what God expected of him in spite of severe and annoying circumstances. There is no mention of complaint.

Are you imprisoned in some circumstance? Jesus doesn’t always set us free from imprisoning life circumstances, but he does make us free within those circumstances (John 8). Trust his true and freeing word. You will be free to love, live, forgive, be joyful and creative.


Dear Jesus, I thank you for freeing me from the prison of seeming impossibilities! Use my life for your glory.