Law and Love-Balanced Giving

Larry McAuley

READ : Matthew 23:23-24

With a final stroke of the pen, Bill finished writing his check for church, slapped down the pen and exclaimed, “There! That’s done!” Then he went back to seeing how he could trim employee benefits to maximize profits so he could write a bigger check next week.

Did you put your offering in the plate on Sunday? How did you feel? Proud? Glad? Or wishing you could have spent it on a new CD instead? But you put that money in, didn’t you? Enough, right? Now it’s Monday. Your thoughts are on school and how you can do the least amount of work and still get a passing grade. Or how you can order a pie for old Mr. Jones and have it delivered without having to spend time with him.

The world seems a mess. Aren’t you glad you go to church and pay your tithes? Of course. Even so you wring your hands over the state of things and give your check only, somehow hoping that is all you owe.

Trusting God’s sovereign rule over all things frees us not to limit or reduce our giving to money alone. It liberates us to put forth our best efforts to his glory by giving resources of time and energy to address the issues of justice and mercy in our communities.


Forgive me, Father, for selective giving calculated to preserve my own comfort and personal preferences.