Sick of Bad News?

Larry McAuley

READ : Psalm 112:1-10

I don’t know what bad news will be making the headlines every night in August 2002. But as I write this, I can tell you I am ready for some good news! I am almost afraid to turn on the radio or TV.

How about if we move to some out-back region of the world where it’s peaceful? Care to join me there? Help me think how that might be.

Where can we turn to escape bad news? The good news is not so much escaping the bad news as facing it fearlessly. No matter where we live on this tired old planet, bad news will be there.

What hope do we have? Freedom from fear is one of the blessings of trusting God (Ps. 112:1,7). That trust does
not make all the awful things go away. It teaches us that we must trust in God’s sovereign rule because we know that he bends evil to accomplish his good purposes. So we are not ripped by a maelstrom of seemingly random bad news. The good news is-our Lord reigns! Look at Psalm 112 as through binoculars. Notice the long-range words like ‘generation’ and ‘forever.’

Focus on the big picture. We have hope since all news is God’s news.


May I delight in you, O Lord, as I learn to trust you in down times.