Getting up in the Down Times

Larry McAuley

READ : Joshua 1:1-5

Sometimes bad news strikes very close to home. Death is probably the worst of bad news. Death causes us to step back from life and reevaluate.

Read our passage for today. Who died? What impact did Moses’ death have on the Israelite people? Were they a strong people? Were they settled in their own country? How could God let this happen to them while they were still transients in the Sinai desert?

Death doesn’t always visit at convenient times. Death interrupts life. It is a great enemy. How are we to pick up the pieces and go on?

In the passage before us, we see God’s direction to his chosen people in the assigning of a new leader. He gives specific orders to get the people moving toward their goal. That’s good. A plan and action are good for us when we are hurting and stunned.

But some of us aren’t strong enough to do this. On his own Joshua wasn’t. God doesn’t expect us to handle life’s burdens on our own. He shows Joshua and us the help he will give us. Then he makes a trustworthy promise-“I will never leave you or forsake you.” That promise rests on the trustworthy character of Immanuel, “God-With-Us.” You can trust him!


Help me, O Lord, in the tough challenges to trust you.