Take Heart and Trust Me!

Larry McAuley

READ : John 16:29-33

How many times have you heard it, “Trust me in this!”? Will you get the check to the bank before Tuesday? Will you return my ball and glove before the game? And the confident reply is, “Trust me!” And what has been your experience in trusting those confident parties? Have they been true to their word? Always?

I think that is why we worry so much in life. God has promised us that we can trust him. But how do we know we can trust him? We can’t even see him! Those we can see haven’t been very trustworthy. How are we supposed to trust a God we can’t see?

Jesus’ disciples had the same questions. Jesus was preparing them for the great shock of his impending death. He knew they would need to have peace in the face of turmoil.

It’s the same for us today. But we have the historical record of Jesus’ victory over death. He keeps on declaring to us, “I have overcome the world!” He is not like someone who shouts, “Trust me!” but has no authority or power to back up that invitation. All power is now his. Because Jesus has overcome the world, we can fearlessly trust him.


Thank you, Jesus, for backing up your peace promise with action! Teach me to trust and take heart.