Calm in the Storms of Life

Larry McAuley

READ : Acts 27:33-44
Jude 1:24-25

Winds of hurricane force. Crashing waves. Driving rain. Shouted orders. Cries of fear. Desperation: Lost at sea. Some people think sailing is fun, but no one wants to get caught in the terror of a storm. Some people think flying is fun-but no one wants to crash!

Throughout life adventures overtake us. They may not be as traumatic as a wreck, yet they produce confusion, injury, and darkness. Like divorce, losing one’s job, losing a best friend, failing in a test, a sport or a relationship. It’s difficult to keep one’s bearings in the midst of the confusion and helplessness of a wreck, be it physical, relational, or emotional.

When we read the story of Paul’s shipwreck we wonder, “How can he be so calm?” You might think, “Well, I could be calm, too, if God would speak to me as he did to Paul!”

Paul’s confidence and calm come from learning to trust our ever-present Father God. He doesn’t always preserve us from wrecks, but he will always preserve us through the worst wrecks. Recall the words of Jude, “Only God can keep you from falling and make you pure and joyful in his glorious presence” (cev).


Lord Jesus, keep me calm in the storms of life! Teach me to trust you in both good and bad times.