Calm in Chaos

Larry McAuley

READ : Isaiah 45:1-7

I’m sure your life is never chaotic. Yeah, right! Assignments due. Pressure at work. Sudden illness. Unforseen deadlines. Plus unsettling news, stresses in relationships, car troubles, and annoying problems at home. Is there any rhyme or reason to it all? What is the purpose? Is anybody in control here?

When life doesn’t make sense and stress mounts, where do you look for order? Do you tend to take control and force order in other people’s lives? Or do you just get more and more upset? How do you find meaning and peace in the face of the chaos?

When chaos hits it helps me to know that there is One in control. God’s words were spoken to Cyrus, a pagan monarch. God assures Cyrus that he has anointed and appointed him to accomplish God’s perfect plan.

When we panic in the horror of chaos God has not abandoned control of circumstances. “He creates light and darkness, happiness and sorrow. . .” (v. 7, cev) so that all people may recognize that he alone is God. He wants us to know this so that we will trust him alone. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather trust the God who loves me than blind fate or chance when chaos strikes.


How glad I am that I know you, O Lord! May I proclaim your lordship by trusting you when confusion mounts.