Truth and Consequences

Larry McAuley

READ : Psalm 52:1-9

Boy, can I tell you stories about truth and its consequences. It seems like half my boyhood was consumed in creating fanciful tales to get out of the previous creative tale I told! Why are we so afraid of telling the truth? Is it because we know we might have to pay the price?

We get all tangled up because we trust ourselves, our words, and our possessions for our value and security. Notice what we learn from Psalm 52 when we trust in boasting, deceit and wealth instead of God. As a result we experience ridicule, ruin and rejection.

What should we trust instead? “God’s unfailing love” (v. 8). What are the consequences of trusting God? We flourish and delight in the praise of God.

Trusting in ourselves always leads to trouble. Lies and cover-ups result from our trust in our own ability to get ourselves out of trouble. However, truth is our friend when we trust God enough to tell the truth. When we are trusting God, we can trust him for the consequences of the truth.


Forgive me, Father, for the many times I have not trusted you enough to tell the truth.