Prayers That Will Be Answered

Larry McAuley

READ : Mark 11:22-25

When was the last time you were up in your attic or basement sorting through old stuff? Wouldn’t it be fun to find an old, tarnished lantern? Imagine polishing it up. It begins to sparkle and shine; and then, all of a sudden- whoosh, out pops a genie, bows, and in a dramatic, deep voice booms, “What is your wish, O master?” What would you wish for? It’s fun to lean back, shut your eyes and speculate, isn’t it?

Is this the sort of thing Jesus had in mind when he told us, “Whatever you ask ? believe ? and it will be yours!” If it is, then we have reason to be concerned. I am sure that each of us has prayed, believing, and have been disappointed with the outcome.

That leaves us with two options. Either Jesus wasn’t telling the truth-or we have misunderstood what he was telling us. Since Jesus never lies, then we must conclude that we have misunderstood.

When we interpret these verses in the context of the stories about the unfruitful fig tree and the clearing of the temple, we get a better picture of what Jesus had in mind. Jesus is encouraging believers to pray for the fruit, righteousness and forgiveness of God’s rule-and then trust him to answer. And he will!


Lord Jesus, teach me how to pray and to trust you to produce the fruits and justice of your rule everywhere.