Scared to Move Ahead?

Larry McAuley

READ : Joshua 1:1-9

August can be a scary month. Vacation ends. School starts. Will those new friends from summer camp still be friends next summer? Will I get along ok at college? It’s like being on the border of new territory.

Something like Joshua in our reading. He had reason to be scared, didn’t he? He had been Moses’ helper, but now the responsibility for all these people was his. Plus they were supposed to strike off into new territory and wage war on the inhabitants.

God knew Joshua was scared. In one paragraph, he commands Joshua three times, “Be strong and courageous!” That is more easily commanded than obeyed, though, isn’t it?

God is always gracious. When he commands something, he always gives what it takes to obey. In verses 7 and 8, what is it that Joshua is commanded to obey? And what is the result of obedience?

Still not convinced? God brackets this powerful paragraph with a twice-repeated promise (verses 5 and 9b). “I will be with you everywhere you go.” What new venture does God want you to start? Trust him to be with you and empower you. Listen, obey, trust God and begin!


LORD, you have promised never to leave me – help me to trust you and to move ahead in courage.