Unscrambling the Mess You're In

Larry McAuley

READ : Romans 4:18-21

At last it’s Friday! What a week! Did you ever think it would end? Things started out messed up on Monday and each day seemed to get worse. The more you tried to untie the knot of mistakes, disappointment and failure, the tighter the knot became!

Ever stop to think what makes life like that? Sometimes we can identify the direct results of our sin, failure, and disobedience. Sometimes, we don’t see any connection-things are just messed up! And we can blame that on the effects of sin in the world.

So what hope do we have? Take some time to review Abraham’s life. (See especially Genesis 12-16.) Did he live a peaceful, trouble-free life? Did he make mistakes? Did he harvest the consequences of his sin?

We can learn much about faith under stress from Abraham. Look at the ‘trust’ words in “hope believed”; “without weakening”; “did not waver”; “strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God”; “fully persuaded.” Wow! What a picture of trusting!

And who was he trusting (v. 21)? God! Through all his mistakes, sins and failures, Abraham kept on trusting. And God “credited it to him as righteousness.” He does the same for you and me!


O Father, forgive me for rushing around in unbelief and dismay. Help me to trust you – and obey.