Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

Larry McAuley

READ : Joshua 2:1-14

Have you ever repeated a sin you’ve vowed not to do again? Being a sinful human is discouraging. No matter how hard we try, something always sneaks up on us and there we go again!

Do you wonder if you’ll ever be good enough to get to heaven? Do you think, “What’s the use of trying? God could never accept a person as sinful as I.”

Read the passage for today again. Was Rahab a fine, upstanding member of the community? No. Did she ever lie? Yes. Why was God able to use such a person? Because she believed and obeyed when God confronted her with a test. Are your sins any less than hers before our holy God? Only God knows.

God does not commend Rahab for her deceit, but for her trust (See Hebrews 11:31).

God used a repenting prostitute to accomplish his purposes. He does the same today. It is not the perfection of your behavior that saves you, but the perfection of the One in whom you trust. Trust Jesus and he will use you to carry out his perfect plans.


Lord Jesus, I thank you for redeeming badly flawed people to trust and serve you.