Who Am I, Anyway?

Larry McAuley

READ : Proverbs 3:5-6

August can be a pivotal month in our lives. Many of us stand on the threshold of a new school year. Others are poised for a busy fall schedule. It’s time for pondering what lies ahead.

For some, this can include the vexing question, “Who am I, anyway?” The world of opportunities is a wonderful challenge, but also a great problem. Is there a doctor lurking in you waiting to be trained? A teacher? A pastor? What direction would God have you go with your life and family in the coming weeks?

As you ponder these things, take a look at our passage for today. These two verses capture the sum total of our lives, referring to our thoughts (under-standing) and the way we live out those thoughts (ways).

Hold your hands side by side, palms up. Your left holds your thoughts. Your right holds your ways. Let your left hand be “trusting God.” Your right hand represents “directing your paths.”

Now rotate your wrists to bring your palms together. Where are your thoughts and ways? Nestled securely between “trusting” and “directing”! What is the attitude of your hands in this position (palms together)? That is how we commit our thoughts and ways to God!


I hold my thoughts and ways up to you, O God. Teach me to trust you completely – and to follow you.