All Roads Lead to God, or Do They?

Larry McAuley

READ : John 14:6
Acts 4:12
1 Timothy 2:5-6

Did you use a road map to plan your vacation? As you looked at the map, did you think about the fact that there are many ways to reach every destination? But not all roads go where you want to go.

I was sitting in an airport some months back. One Indian family caught my attention. They spread out a prayer rug and took turns kneeling in prayer. Then they retired to their seats and read the Qur’an. They discussed what they had read and talked to another traveler persuasively about their faith.

I was impressed! They did all the things Christians should do-pray, read their holy book, discuss it together and tell others what they believe. Yet, I wondered, “Where will this prayer and passion take these folks?” What is it that they are trusting? Their piety? Their good works? Their tradition and culture?

Reader, friend, what are you trusting? Your church? Your morality? A lot of faith in the wrong thing will not save. But simple faith in the right One assures eternal life. Look at the verses for today. Are you trusting in Jesus? He is the one way back to God. He will take you to your home with God.


O, Jesus, you alone died to pay the debt for my sins. Forgive me for trusting in other ways. I thank you!