Make a U-Turn

Larry McAuley

READ : John 3:18, 36

Ever been lost in a strange city after dark? It’s no fun! Glaring lights and passenger’s directions confuse you. It is very possible to make a wrong turn.

Life is like that. Have you seen the road signs for two-way traffic-one arrow pointing up, the other pointing down? There are two ways in life. One disastrous. The other wonderful.

How do we know which way we are heading? Our verses for today spell it out clearly-the person who believes in Jesus has eternal life. The person who rejects has made a very bad decision.

There are three parts to believing. If all three parts are working, then you are following the “up” arrow!

First, you must know Jesus’ story. That he, God’s Son, died on the cross to pay the full penalty for your sin. Then you must agree that this is true. Finally, you must trust what the Bible tells you about Jesus. When you trust Jesus in this way, you are safe forever from self-condemnation and the holy wrath of God.

If you are going the wrong way, make a U-turn into the Jesus’ way.


Thank you, Jesus, for making a new way for me. I thank you that you are fully trustworthy.