That's Mine!

Larry McAuley

READ : Malachi 3:8-12

A boyhood experience flashed back into my memory as I thought about Malachi 3: Vrroooom! Vrooom! I peeked around the corner to see what my little brother was up to. There he was playing with my truck! With a rush of indignation, I swooped down on him and grabbed my Tonka truck. “That’s mine! You can’t have it!”

How long has it been since you flushed with anger at the intrusion by someone on your rights? It wasn’t a toy you were protecting, but your rights, your money, your road space, your name, your dignity, your intelligence, your freedom. That protective surge comes from a lack of trust. We don’t trust God to protect us, provide for us, and be there constantly for us. And so we hoard and grasp as if our security depended solely upon our own vigilance. This grieves God our Father’s heart!

In today’s reading God accuses his people of robbing him. They were stingy and shabby in their thinking and giving. What does God promise if we are generous and faithful? A ton of blessing! Unlike our own reactions when somebody has wronged us, God’s response is gracious. How can we be tight-fisted when he is so generous?


O Father, I acknowledge that I am often self-deceived and not generous as I should be.