Celebrate Dependence!

Larry McAuley

READ : Psalm 100:1-5

Independence Day is a favorite day in every free nation. Parades with flags and bands and floats. Speeches. Picnics. Dressing up in patriotic colors. And finally at the end of the day, fireworks bursting in proud, astonishing displays of noise and color.

All people have known the oppression of living under the rule of an oppressive regime or an outside power. So the joy of freedom and independence surpasses most others.

As individuals we love our independence. We want to choose our own clothes, make our own schedules, depend on our own hard work and ingenuity to secure our future. Being reminded of our dependence upon bosses, parents or government is annoying.

Celebrating independence can be the opposite of trust. Or at least it is an expression of wanting to trust ourselves instead of somebody else. Psalm 100 is a celebration of dependence.

When by faith we trust God to supply all our needs and acknowledge that he alone is God, our hearts erupt with joy and thanksgiving. Why? Because our real independence depends on him!


Forgive me for pursuing a false freedom, O Lord! Help me to depend on your power to set me free from self and contrived independence.