Perfect Peace – Is It Possible?

Larry McAuley

READ : Isaiah 26:1-4

What was in the news this morning? Another plane crash, fear of bio-terrorism, news from the war front? Peaceful? Probably not. This side of heaven there is no perfect peace. We have spent this last month looking at the meaning and practice of trust and the God we must trust if we want perfect peace.

As we close the month and turn our thoughts to challenges and events ahead, reflect on verses 3 and 4: “The Lord gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm. So always trust the Lord because he is forever our mighty rock” (cev).

You can’t squint your eyes, grit your teeth and make it happen. Trusting God is like the simple trust of a child looking up into her parent’s eyes, trusting not because of full understanding but simply because her heart tells her it is right.

Nothing besides God is worthy of your trust. Turn to Jesus. Confess the folly of placing trust in self, possessions, or position. Trust God and enjoy the perfect peace that comes only from him.


Lord Jesus, keep my trust focused on your rock-solid faithfulness and I will have perfect peace.