The Wonder of God's Grace and Peace

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 1:1-2

I was only nine when Ruth, a high school grad, opened her heart to Christ and started serving him. Later in the summer in her daily vacation Bible school class she invited us to do the same. She encouraged us to tell Jesus we were sorry for our sins and to ask him into our hearts. I did that. I still remember that day and the resulting joy and peace which I felt.

Paul extends that same grace and peace to believers in his letter after mentioning his close associate Timothy. They were servants, literally slaves, bound to the Lord Christ.

Grace is the free, spontaneous, unmerited love of God for me, a sinful person. The word grace expresses God’s magnanimous nature. He could quite justly abandon me to a self-designed destiny and I would perish in my sins. But Jesus bore my sins, guilt, and judgment. I experienced this grace, love to the undeserving, even as a nine-year-old girl.

Peace is the result of God’s act in reconciling me to himself through Christ. Peace came as I confessed my guilt and sinfulness and received total forgiveness. I felt a new freedom of self-respect and full acceptance by God.


Dear Lord, grant your grace and peace to all distressed persons who call on your name!