Lowliness of Mind – a Lost Virtue?

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 2:3-4

My husband Bill’s professor was outstanding. After having suffered under the Nazi regime, he taught in a graduate school in the USA. Brilliant as a theologian and compassionate with loving practical care for his people, he amazed us all by his humility. “Always see yourself as an average Christian,” he stated.

Paul wrote with a similar emphasis. Selfish ambition and conceit are the opposites of love. They lead us to control fellow believers and distance ourselves from them-marks of self-interest. One way we can guard against these causes of division is by the exercise of genuine humility.

The German professor cared deeply. He sent love gifts to Germany, putting red hearts in each box with the greeting, “With our love in the name of Jesus.” When we remember that all our fellow Christians are brothers or sisters for whom Christ died, we will not disregard them but always seek to serve their highest welfare rather then our own. Paul defines true humility as “lowliness of mind” so that we esteem ourselves less than others. This attitude leads us to see excellence in others and to give them honor.


Dear God, help us to yield up our own rights and give preference to others. Amen.