God's Model

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 2:5-8

Hettie Lou came to my mother-in-law’s house every week to clean, dust, and put her house in order. If our mom needed a light bulb replaced or a battery in her clock, she knew she could call another friend. Many neighbors seemed available at a moment’s notice and made it possible for her to remain in her home till past the age of ninety. We marveled at these humble volunteer servants of Bill’s aged mother.

By contrast the general public today seems preoccupied with celebrities, entertainment and self-centered interests. We idolize movie stars and athletes but pay scant attention to staff in nursing homes helping the aged or mothers of children attending to the hurts and cries of their little ones. But which of these best reflect the Christ we read about today? He did not see his power and glory as a thing to be clutched, but emptied himself and became a servant. True greatness is simple and unobtrusive. The King of Glory became a little child. He shunned the limelight and found joy in being truly human.

Paul calls us to have this attitude also. If God himself became the Suffering Servant for us, we, his followers, should perform acts of humble service to others, not seeking our own glory but Christ’s alone.


Gracious God, help us to be humble servants like Christ.