The Servant Jesus Is Lord

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 2:9-11

My husband and I made several trips to Russia during the Cold War. We explored the impact of Christian radio upon that Communist nation and learned a great deal about the country itself. One of my most significant memories centers on Red Square where we observed huge lines all day long. People were waiting to walk past the remains of Lenin and pay their respects. His exaltation, near-worship as their great leader, seemed monstrous to us.

Now there are no lines and few honor those Communist leaders. By contrast the name of Jesus still calls forth adoration and worship. By becoming incarnate Jesus entered the world not to be served but to serve. The climax came in his self-giving on the cross as a “ransom for many.” He emptied himself of his divine glory and humbled himself to serve his fellow men. Now we are called to humble ourselves similarly, putting aside our arrogance. We may learn humility and lift up the name of Jesus by comparing ourselves with him. He is surely worthy of our worship.


God, help us to humble ourselves and exalt the name of Christ. In Jesus’ name. Amen.