Well-Schooled in the Faith

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 2:19-24

If you have a mother or a grandmother who faithfully taught you the Scriptures, then you follow in the tradition of Timothy’s mother Eunice and grandmother Lois who lovingly brought him up in the way of God. When Paul came to Lystra, Timothy became one of his first converts and later earned great respect from the believers. He went with Paul on many critical missions. Paul sent him to Philippi where he commended him for his compassion and commitment. These two became such close associates that both their names are listed as authors in six of Paul’s letters. Paul discipled this young man. We gain insight into his training from 1st and 2nd Timothy. He was a standout and remarkable.

Paul was Timothy’s role model. When we are blessed with role models we study their every move, talk with them, and ask questions. We search for the secrets that shape them. We get the feel of what it is like to think as they think. We decide we want to be like them.

For whom have you been a Paul, a Eunice or a Lois? Have you experienced the joy of showing another person the way of genuine Christ-likeness? Today the world needs a million mentors like Paul, Eunice, and Lois.


Gracious God, help someone else to grow in Christ through me.