Better Than Self-Confidence

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 3:7-9

Steve (not his real name) attended the church we first served in New Jersey. It soon became apparent that he did not know Christ, so my husband visited him in an effort to explain the rich meaning of the gospel. One day he asked, “Steve, how do you rate yourself? Do you love God with all your heart?” To my husband’s surprise, Steve responded by giving himself a near perfect score: “I’d give myself about 95%.” Not many months later, Steve seemed very different. “I’ve come to realize that I’m not the perfect guy I thought I was,” he lamented. He was ready to cease boasting in himself and instead place his confidence in Christ alone for his salvation.

Others of us think that if we just try to improve, become more loving, eliminate our faults, pray more and read the Bible, God will love us more. All of us, like the Apostle Paul, need to count as loss all those factors which might be reckoned as meritorious. They become hindrances in our coming to the Lord. Paul knew that to be “in Christ” meant receiving the approval which comes from God alone. This was in complete contrast to relying on his own achievements and piety which are never enough.


Jesus, our Redeemer, let us find all our righteousness in you, in your death and resurrection for us.