Eager to Win the Race

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 3:13-14

The lady often talked to my pastor husband about her sins and simply could not forget her past. Finally she was able to claim the promise of Jesus’ mercy and let go of her guilt. What joy resulted!

Paul sees himself as a forgiven sinner also. He likens himself to a runner in a race, never turning his eyes aside in any direction nor looking behind him to see how much ground he has covered. He does not think of where he has been, what he has accomplished, and the nature of his past life. He simply presses on toward his new goal, clearly focused.

How are we at “forgetting those things which are behind”? Sometimes our foibles and past failures are so imprinted in our hearts and minds that we can’t seem to forget them. We focus on our past sins and fail to concentrate on the Christian race ahead. Like the lady who could not trust God, we also look back in unbelief and dismay.

On the other hand, longtime believers may rely on past successes and victories won, glorying in them, while taking their eyes off the God who made them possible. The strain and stress of the race never ends but the heaven-set prize is worth the pressure. Run the race!


God, force us to give up those wimpy attitudes that keep us from running well. In Jesus’ name. Amen.