Mentors and Models

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 3:15-17

I was fourteen years old, recovering from a critical illness. I prayed hard to be made well so that I could serve Christ fully. But I did not know anyone who could help me to grow spiritually. Then I met a lady who became my mentor. She prayed for me as if she knew Jesus intimately and taught me how to pray. She offered me insight into the Scriptures. She hugged me frequently and helped me to believe great things about myself and the Lord. When I left for college she sent me letters filled with the Word of God to encourage and instruct me. If I ever needed help, she was as near as the phone. I know I interrupted her often. She always had time for me though busy raising a family. She modeled Christ for me.

A role model or mentor talks to you, asks questions, explores your thinking, models an attitude, prays for you and loves you unconditionally. God gave me such a model at a time he knew I needed one.

Paul provided this pattern for the Philippians. “Follow my example,” he said. Then he warned them against the enemies of the cross of Christ and encouraged them to stick it out. What a model he became for new struggling Christians in a pagan atmosphere!


Gracious God, help me become a fitting example for others so that they may achieve the ultimate.