Citizenship in Heaven – the Grand Make-Over

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 3:20-21
Philippians 4:1

God called our son Billy to heaven when he was twenty-four years of age. He had been handicapped since the age of seven, both mentally and physically, due to a serious illness. In our sorrow we rejoiced that in God’s future he will become whole again. Today Paul assures his readers that Christ will transform their human bodies to be conformed to his glorious body. Therefore, we can “stand firm in the Lord.”

Think for a moment about this great privilege of citizenship in heaven. That is our country and home, where God’s presence is evident and on display. The redeemed will be there with the angels, where Christ reigns with our Father God. There Jesus makes intercession for believers and from there he will come again to judge the world. Then, at our resurrection from the dead, we shall possess our new bodies and retain our personal identity, with hearts eager to praise and worship the triune God.

With such a future Paul encourages fellow believers to stand firm. They are his “joy and crown,” his “dearly beloved.” I am sure they responded with elation at the promised transformation!


Thank you, Lord, for the home in heaven prepared for us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.