The Lord – Reason to Rejoice

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 4:4-5

“Rejoice.” Paul mentions variations of this word twenty times in this letter and here he exhorts us twice to rejoice.

We in the western world rejoice in our abilities, our resources, our good life. We take our many blessings for granted. But visit a third-world country and we quickly become aware how Christians there must totally depend on the Lord and rejoice in him in circumstances that would annoy us terribly.

One of our visits took us to Uganda where we developed close friendships with the beautiful people of that land. We discovered people who suffered incredibly and now live with horrendous diseases and poverty. But their joy runs deep despite outward deprivations. We saw their profound trust in God’s faithfulness and their determination to place their total confidence in him.

Dangers threatened the Christians in Philippi in every way. But confronted with hostility and persecution they rejoiced in the Lord. He refreshed and gladdened them. They learned gentleness and focused on the presence of the Lord.


Lord, make us fountains through whom you pump living waters of joy in a dry, disturbed world.