The Flourishing of Care

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 4:10-11

“Your care for me has flourished” (av), Paul writes. What an eloquent compliment for the church in Philippi! Genuine concern is a true mark of a faithful church.

When our son died, we experienced that care. Someone called all our friends on our Christmas card list. Another person made an omelette for those of us who

hadn’t even thought about breakfast. Someone offered to stay at the house while we were at the funeral home. Meals came in, friends telephoned, others sent flowers and plants. Many came to offer sympathy at the funeral home. “I don’t know what to say,” some confessed. But because they were there and simply held our hand, we felt comforted. A smile, a card, a hug, a kind greeting, a moment of listening, a helping hand, a present, a financial gift-all are expressions of flourishing care.

Paul did not NEED this flourishing care from the Philippians. He had learned to be content in any state. But abundance of care gave him the joy and courage to keep on, even while in prison. All of us experience agonies, frustrations, and pain. During those moments love from fellow Christians binds God’s children together and helps us to grow into a deeply caring community.


Help us, Lord, to flourish in our churches and everywhere with many acts of love and care. Amen.