Blessing and Glory, Dear Friends

Helen Brownson

READ : Philippians 4:20-23

I find it fitting that Paul ends his letter to this caring congregation with joyful praise for all God’s goodness and grace. He closes with greetings to every saint in Philippi from every believer where he is, especially converts in Caesar’s household. And then he extends the Lord’s grace to all.

I conclude our reflections on Philippians with gratitude to God and Paul for this wonderful book. We saw his persistence in the face of opposition, that wholeness of life does not come necessarily from pleasant circumstances. We can rejoice in the Lord at all times. We discovered ways of letting our light shine in the world, keys to growing in relationships, to renewing our minds, to recognizing our resources in Christ. We were challenged by the examples of Timothy, Epaphroditus, Paul and the believers in Philippi. This letter called us to love one another, to avoid anxiety by praying and having a thankful heart. We observed the harassed Apostle experiencing joy despite being in prison. He practiced contentment in all circumstances.

I hope this letter has become a favorite for you also. With Paul, I pray that “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ will be with all of you readers!”


I praise you, Lord, for this wonderful letter! Amen.