Status or Shame?

Paul Hostetter

READ : 1 Peter 4:12-19

. . . Christian . . . be proud of the distinguished status
reflected in that name. (v. 16, The Message)

We all want at least a little fame in life and no shame. Most of us don’t get much fame but we are eager to protect what dignity we have. Shame often comes to us unfairly and leaves us unprotected. Then too we bring shame on ourselves when we deny our dignity by sub-Christian, anti-Biblical, self-deprecating behavior.

Peter is notorious, for over two millennia, for his big lapse when Jesus was on trial. Peter denied both his Lord and himself in a moment of horrible self-discovery. In his conspicuous Galilean accent, he protested three times, “I don’t know this guy Jesus!” That was Peter’s wake-up call. He never wanted to hear a rooster crow again after that.

On Pentecost day the new, Spirit-filled Peter stood before a potentially disapproving and hostile crowd and demonstrated he was no longer ashamed of his Jesus’ connection. Are you? Don’t be. It is never shameful to be on Jesus’ side. It is preferred status!


Lord Jesus Christ, give me the integrity to humbly accept whatever shame may come to me for your name.