Carry on by Faith

Paul Hostetter

READ : 1 Peter 5:12
2 Peter 3:17-18

This is God’s generous truth; embrace it . . . (The Message)

Peter, the invigorated, experienced leader in exile with suffering believers concludes his concise letter with an essential command: STAND FIRM in your knowledge of the gracious, generous salvation and truth of God. There is no conclusive proof for the gospel. You haven’t seen God, but you know Jesus and that is more than enough reason to believe. Faith is not a sight thing. It is a reasonable response to God’s goodness which we never fully grasp.

What is “the true grace of God”? It is the Good News that God loves everyone and sent Jesus to restore our relationship with him through the suffering and death of his Son. It is a mystery firmly rooted in history. God has been with us. And he has not left us to the Devil or to a life of unrestrained evil. Peter, with the help of Silas, has sent a note to us with a sequence of wonderful directives. His life was re-ordered by Jesus. Ours can be too, by faith and by our sincere effort to follow the Rabbi Jesus, our Master Instructor in life.

I encourage you to go back and scan the list of Peter’s commands that we have worked through during this month. They are life builders.


Generous God, I am awed and astonished by your generosity and grace. Help me carry on by faith. Amen.