What a Letter for the Churches and for Us!

Ruth Siemens

READ : Revelation 1:1-7

We are more than conquerors. (Romans 8:37)

Why do I return to the introduction again? John must have written it after the visions. How excited he must have been to send this book to his churches! How it must have amazed, encouraged and comforted them! Later John was freed and reunited with his churches.

Revelation is a letter straight from God to all of us! Jesus’ resurrection guarantees our future with him. He is our model witness, faithful to death. He is King over all rulers on earth. He loved us, freed us from our sins and made us his royal priesthood. We rule with him now, influencing the destiny of individuals and nations by our witness and prayer. When Jesus comes all will see that the crucified One is the King of glory!

He is intensely active in this world. We saw how he deals with evil and suffering. God values a tested faith. Believers choose to follow him over easier alternatives and remain faithful even in suffering and death. Revelation promises the eventual victory of our King and his church over Satan and his accomplices (Rev. 17:14)!

In prologue and epilogue Jesus promises a special blessing to all who read this book, take it to heart and share its momentous message with hesitating seekers.


Lord, help me use Revelation to bring lingerers to faith.