Spill Your Emotions-No Shame

Susan Verwys

READ : Galatians 6:2
Matthew 11:25-30

Carry each other’s burdens. (v. 2)

Just before the children arrived one morning, I received word that the infant sister of two little boys in our class would have to be taken off life support. It had been a long and gloomy week; the precious baby’s future hung precariously between life and death. We had tried to stay strong for the young family experiencing this tragedy. My composure disappeared that morning as I prayed with 20 little children with heads bowed. The pain of the decision those parents had to make hit me like a ton of bricks, and tears began to fall on my lap. When we finished praying, I struggled for words to explain my emotion. How could I describe the worst fear of any parent to these angels?

I looked around at the faces surrounding me and was met with sympathetic, discerning faces. It was as if I was in the fellowship of wise, old saints. Not one said, “Miss Susan, why are you crying?” Instead, several of them spoke quietly about losing grandparents or pets and told me how wonderful it would be to live in heaven with Jesus. I was reminded that all of our days are numbered and rest in the hands of our gracious, loving Father.


Dear Lord, help me to be open with my emotions so I may remind others how they may find comfort in you.