The Community of Little Saints

Susan Verwys

READ : Psalm 16

Protect me, Lord God! I run to you for safety. (v. 1)

When we shared the news of the baby’s death with the parents of our preschoolers several said, “How will you handle the subject of death within the classroom? What will you say? Tell us what to say!”

I assured them that I had sought the advice of clergy and mental health professions, hoping to handle the situation as professionally as I could. “Just pray that the Lord powerfully leads us,” I implored, trying not to let on how inept I felt and how much anguish I was experiencing.

I needn’t have worried because the community of little saints in the classroom ministered to the boys! The children welcomed the brothers of the deceased child back to school with open arms. Praying for the family, they thanked God that the baby has a new body in heaven. Their classmates let the boys have their own way on difficult days. Tears and outbursts were accepted. The children all lived at ease knowing that God heals all wounds. Would that you and I would rest as securely in his arms!


Dear Lord, Give me the faith of a young child in the face of distressing and unforeseen circumstances. Amen.