About Kids and Heaven

Susan Verwys

READ : Luke 10:21-24

I praise you . . . you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to little children. (v. 21)

If you could ask any questions you wanted about heaven, what would they be? Let me guess: Will I have a body? Will I get to see Abraham, Moses or Peter? Will my troubled, dysfunctional family ever get along there? You may not feel free to ask all those questions but children usually do.

At preschool our classroom discussions often take a spiritual turn. The children take us by surprise and fill us with wonder. Here’s an example:

Abigail: “My greatest fear is death and my greatest wish is to become alive again.”

Keegan: “When we die, we’ll go to heaven to be with Jesus. There will be everything we need; maybe not everything we want. But there will be a pool!”

Abigail: “God will teach us how he uses peace, love and joy.”

Keegan: “There will be a pool!”

Derek: “We’ll get to have wings.”
Can you imagine the paradise that awaits us? God is more grand than the imagination of any child!


Lord Jesus, come quickly. But teach us peace, love and joy while we are here on earth. Amen.