Acknowledge God's Power

Symon Kiuta

READ : Philippians 4:4-13

Christ gives me strength to face anything. (v. 13 CEV)

Total surrender to God’s throne of grace is what counts most in a Christian’s life. The scripture verse above is the basis of the motto of Churo School in rural Kenya where I serve as a chaplain. Students who are admitted to this school are taught to embrace this biblical principle and live by it. Many of the students after graduating from this school testify of God’s faithfulness and unfathomable power during their four years of high school studies.

The hope of every Christian should always be based in God’s promises because there is no way any person can ever succeed by using his own strength and knowledge alone.

The biggest problem you may have right now is not the difficulty you are experiencing but your failure to acknowledge God’s wondrous, sustaining power! – Symon Kiuta


Heavenly Father, help me to always acknowledge your power and control over my life and all the circumstances that trouble me.