Use Your Spiritual Gifts Now!

Symon Kiuta

READ : 1 Corinthians 12:1-11
Romans 12:6-8

God has . . . given each of us different gifts to use. (Rom. 12:6 CEV)

Ten-year-old Tiyos, a Kenyan boy from my tribe, was having supper on a Sunday evening with his family. Tiyos was making comments about the Sunday message on spiritual gifts. Tiyos asked his mum, “Do children like me have spiritual gifts like adults?” The mother replied, “Yes, but you will be able to use them when you grow up.” Do you like her answer? I don’t!

God has graciously endowed us with natural and spiritual gifts, but he does not want us to preserve them in our personal “archives” but use them now. He wants us to use them for his own glory and the edification of his church. God saves and calls his righteous people regardless of their ages and uses them for his glory. He called the young men David, Samuel, and Daniel and used them powerfully while they were young. All were spiritual giants. Don’t limit God’s power to give and use spiritual gifts in anyone! – Symon Kiuta


Lord Jesus, help me to use my spiritual gifts and encourage others to do the same.