Gain by Losing

Carolyn Overway

READ : Mark 10:23-31

. . . receive a hundred times as much in this world. . . . In the world to come they will live forever. (v. 30 NIrV)

Volunteers from Michigan churches came to teach for a term at the Churo Secondary School of the African Inland Church of Kenya. I was reminded that once, on a similar adventure, one of my seminary professors cautioned us that during a month or more of togetherness we would see both the best and the worst of each other. That true-to-life statement together with the wise advice in the reading today are used in pre-field orientation for mission volunteers.

Bob and Morrie Swart, Reformed Church in America missionaries in Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya were perfect examples of leaving all to follow Jesus. For Jesus’ sake they touched the lives of people throughout East Africa and our lives also.

If we are willing to leave family and friends for the gospel we will receive a hundred times as much as we leave behind. One volunteer who came for teaching at Churo received a husband-a member of the group! Yes, God does multiply blessings as we work for the establishment of his rule in people’s hearts. We have experienced God’s multiple blessings. We have no regrets about advantages, family, friends and comforts we left behind in the USA. Everyone gains when we lose for Jesus’ sake. – Carolyn Overway


Gracious and generous God, help us all to see how we never lose when we give up something for you. Amen.