Building a Strong Partnership in Mission

Carolyn Overway

READ : Romans 15:1-6

“Lend a hand to those who falter.” (v. 1 The Message)

“Turn responsibility over to nationals as quickly as you can” is the advice of most mission sending agencies today. That is a wonderful strategy so the missionary will stay on for sufficient time to disciple and encourage national leadership. But once nationals assume positions of leadership the missionary is often sent to another assignment or leaves the field. The nationals stand alone.

A young couple, nationals, recently took over the leadership of a mission station here in Kenya. For almost 20 years missionaries managed that station. As we visit with this young couple we listen to their list of frustrations. We ask: how could they have been better prepared for their responsibilities? Did missionaries delay too long in training and turning over leadership to them?

Today we are flying out to visit with these friends to try and build them up. Your prayers and support are needed for all nationals trying their level best to meet the challenges of church leadership and ministry at this confusing and complex moment in history. – Carolyn Overway


Lord of Global Mission, we pray for national leaders who are now doing the work previously done by missionaries. We ask you to grant them endurance, faithfulness to the Word of God and daily encouragement. Amen.