Not Home for Christmas

Carolyn Overway

READ : Matthew 10:32-39

Jesus said: “. . . if you give up your life for me, you will surely find it.” (v. 39 CEV)

“Dear Grandpa and Grandma, I want you home for Christmas!” wrote our little granddaughter Kara. Her letter was so sweet that we wanted to jump on the first flight to America from our mission post in Kenya.

We replied,

“Dear Kara, thank you for your letter and for your love. We will be here for Christmas. But on Christmas we all together can have a big all-day, all-night birthday party for Jesus that reaches from Africa all the way to America. We are eight hours ahead of you in time so we will start the party when we wake up in the morning, and you can end it when you are tucked into bed at night 29 hours later! We’ll sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and you can too. We’ll open the gifts you sent to us, and you will open the ones we sent you. We love you, Grandma and Grandpa.”

Is there someone you want home for Christmas? Or will this be a Christmas without someone you love? You are welcome to join our party on December 24 and 25! Let’s keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we deny ourselves some of the usual expectations in life.
– Carolyn Overway


Dear Lord, sometimes it is a heavy load to carry a cross in following you. You know that better than us. Our suffering is nothing compared to yours. Help us to rejoice in the opportunities we have to serve you. Keep us from the sins of self-pity and self-gratification.