When Lightning Threatens

Carolyn Overway

READ : 1 Peter 3:8-14

Seek peace and pursue it. (v. 11)

As we drove along the bumpy Kenyan road to Churo a threatening strike of lightning seemed to point its jagged fingers toward our truck. The following boom signaled a warning about a storm starting to brew. Then hard rain washed over us.

The storm outside the truck caused my mind to flash through the gradual progression of another storm, a tempest that was brewing between us and our passengers. What had started out as a seemingly normal and right relationship was now changing into a full-blown storm. “O Lord,” I prayed, “save us!”

At once there was a light that broke through the dark clouds. Out came the sun. A giant rainbow appeared, a rainbow like none of us had ever seen before! We could see the whole bow with one end of it landing right on the windshield of the truck. Everyone was struck with awe. We were reminded of the treasures inside our vehicle. Each person in the truck was a child of God, for the kingdom of God is within us (v. 21). All of us wanted to do his will. My prayer was answered. The Lord saved us and helped us. The storm of impending discord collapsed.
– Carolyn Overway


Jesus, Lord of promises, we believe in you. Yes, all of your words are true. We escape the real hazards in life by doing what is right, good, peaceful and loving.